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Sieves & Sieve Shakers

CISA is a high quality, global manufacturer in the field of test sieves, sieve shakers, sieve calibrations, wire cloth and filters. At present our priorities are to continue in the line of technological innovation, development investment, quality assurance, and international presence of the company to stay in the frontline of laboratory sieving equipment in conjunction with Crea Laboratory Technology.

CISA and Crea are aware of the constant need to improve, that is the reason and the basis of the innovations of our products. The premise is also applied in our organization. To assure it, we undertook the project to attain the ISO 9000 accreditation that we obtained in 1999. Currently we have update it to the new ISO 9001:2000. The ISO certificate proves that our policy of assurances and management of the quality is committed to satisfy the needs of our costumers. We develop this task on a strict legal and technical framework.

Woven Wire Sieves 200mm

Woven Wire Sieves.png

Perforated Plate Sieves 200mm

Perforated Plate Sieves.png

Woven Wire Sieves 300mm

Woven Wire Sieves.png

Perforated Plate Sieves 300mm

Perforated Plate Sieves.png

Sieves Shakers

Sieve Shakers.png
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